Design objectives - Currently houses are largely static and unresponsive.
Modern and future materials, technologies and design allow us to create dynamic, evolving places that respond to the complexities of life.
The home will soon be a source of energy rather then a consumer. It will become more of a work place as well as a home.
The London house, more than any other, will have to meet density requirements of the future.
The proposed design not only uses the river, estuary + docks, but can also be stacked in a "tower of houses" using a crane on top of the tower. The house module can be relocated as often as required by family and work demands; a city tower, a river home, a rural retreat.

The proposed house can satisfy future needs for mobility, energy production, and applicable changes to the place we live and work.
The proposed design takes into account today's problems of the housing industry, which is decentralized, resistant to change, wary of new technology, and labour intensive. Most people live in places that are low-grade, low-tech, inflexible, difficult to upgrade, high maintenance, and ill-designed.