Design - A sphere has 25% less surface area than a cube of the same volume; minimising the perimeter means reducing the heat loss.
The designed "sphere house" is divided into three floors that are organised around a core - "services/distribution wall". Open plan design allows easy changes to work and living spaces.
The central core includes stairs, kitchen (social and family assembly point), bathroom and toilets.
The service/distribution wall accommodates all ducts, services, central heating system and electrical connections between floors.
The upper floor is designed as a highly flexible living space with up to two entrance points allowing you to connect to the outside.
The lower floor houses working space, sleeping area and the main entrance. The sleeping area is divided by a light partition system. The system can be easily repositioned or, by adding additional components, can create further bedrooms. The working area is open plan space that can be organised according to home occupier's needs. The lowest floor is designed to accommodate batteries (ballast), storage, water tanks, heating system and central IT equipment necessary for automatic operation of the house. Layers of light, composite materials create the external envelope: the transparent cladding, shades with photo voltaic cells cover the upper part of the house. The lower part of the envelope is divided in to two parts: under water and above water. The under water part of the envelope is designed as a light insulated aluminium body attached to the main frame. The above water part is covered by transparent cladding and retractable screens for privacy.