Future House London

Project comended by RIBA - "future HOUSE LONDON Competition and Annual Exibition 2004"

The Idea - London is one of the cities that grew from the river and a great deal of its development has happened thanks to the river. Recently Londoners have turned their backs on the river, because of the pollution.It is no longer a great pleasure to spend time in close proximity to the Thames. But perhaps if people feel more involved with the Thames they become more responsible for it's quality.
The Thames is tidal and one should take advantage of its significant changes in levels. Taking into account the current situation of the housing market, can you imagine yourself living in the centre of London? Perhaps not. But you can afford a car and you may be able to afford city car parks and congestion charges. So if the housing industry takes on board experience from the car industry you might pay the same for your house as for your car. Yes there is a land issue but there is also the Thames. The river could be the answer to your housing problem. You could own a house and be able to live both in a quiet area of east London and in the middle of the capital, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and beautiful river views, right on your doorstep.
The river could take you and your house everyday from the suburbs of London to the centre without the need for high-energy consumption. The house itself could become a mode of transport.